I am Denis and…

I love working. That’s why koshelev.works. This is my last name, by the way.

Who am I?

My current research interests include compilers, programming languages, high-performance computing, and the intersection of these fields with deep learning. I completed my bachelor’s degree at the Technical University of Berlin, where my bachelor thesis focused on heuristics for twin-width, an algorithmic graph problem.

Work Experience

During my bachelor studies, I had the pleasure of working at Check24, the largest comparison portal in Germany, as a Software Engineer. Prior to that, I was involved with the Fraunhofer Institute, the largest applied research organization in Europe.

I’ll post here whatever I find interesting. You can find me on other plaforms too. However, I mainly use Telegram and Email. I am creating the biggest russian-speaking community around the TU Berlin. From time to time I contribute to open-source projects that I find interesting.